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Virginity can be an intellectual concept, concept, belief, as well as perhaps many accurately, a term for a few people utilize, often to determine once they or other people never have had particular experiences

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Reynolds1990 asks:

I understand that it can take a woman as much as 7 years after needing to develop into a virgin once more. Is the fact that real? Could it be additionally equivalent for a woman between your many years of 12 and 15? If they’re both real, might you please reveal to me personally exactly how that takes place? Me as soon as possible that would be fully appreciated if you could get back to.

Heather Corinna replies:

We speak about this a complete lot only at Scarleteen: virginity is not physical or something that could be universally proven or disproven with parts of the body.

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An idea, a belief, and perhaps most accurately, a word for some people use, usually to identify when they or others have not had certain experiences it’s an intellectual concept. Just exactly What those experiences are vary, because not every person has or makes use of the definition that is same of term. All individuals additionally don’t share the experiences hot brazilian brides that are same definitions of, or specific regular activities that are often intercourse, but aren’t in other cases, in big component because any task that can be intercourse can be or other forms of. (more…)