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Pennsylvania Regulators Reject Dunmore Entrepreneur Quote to do business with Mount Airy Casino Hotel

The Pennsylvania video gaming regulation Board refused on Wednesday Dunmore-based business person Louis A. DeNaples’ bid to resume company with Mount Airy Casino hotel, based out of Monroe district. Mr. DeNaples is actually the founder for the said casino but relinquished his ownership liberties straight back in ’09.

The businessman’s petition to be allowed to work with Mount Airy received 4 good votes by board users against 3 ones that are negative. Nevertheless, it hit a brick wall eventually as Richard Jewell, that is one of many four legislative appointees on the board, cast a unfavorable vote.

All four appointees need to vote in favor of a given motion in order for it to be approved under certain terms. The panel mentioned following the vote that it would issue a written explanation of its decision wednesday.

This is the time that is second Mr. DeNaples’ petition got denied because of the condition gambling regulator. The business person made an effort to maximum wearing a way the range of a background check that would have to be done to become allowed to offered gaming service. He’d required inside the petition for your check are stressed just with things that happened after June 2012, when a restructuring policy for the casino grabbed influence.

Nevertheless, members of the Pennsylvania games Control Board’s enforcement supply said himself was trying to determine the conditions of the background check that they would not approve such a precedent where the applicant. (more…)