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Jos Charles, there’s room in “thees wite skirtes” for thee and me, so let’s compose these rites alchemically.

I’m feeld-ing your guide, in which after all i will be fielding your queeries and questyons and in addition i will be getting emotions. Through which i am talking about reading your book makes me personally in a continuing work of effortful yet trans*lation that is fruitful. wen which i am talking about i’m holding your guide, holding you beside me when I cross personal feelds (trans-latio: to carry around).

Yours is just a language made strange: stretched and slanted and folded against itself so that it veers in and out of recognizability. Flux language, queer language, dense/dance language: graphically compressed, sonically ambiguous. Truly your Medievalist history being a scholar comes to your fore—and certainly, I’ve seen numerous reviews describe your projects as “Chaucerian.” Nonetheless, this assessment seems reductive if you ask me: your homophony relishes in countless possibilities—makes space for any other impacts like Louis Zukofsky (their sequence that is catullus Tommy Pico (their text lingo). Your gleeful misspellings also invoke a childlike purity: preadolescent glory times whenever probably the pleasures of our figures had not been so completely delimited.

Like a young child, you treat terms like Lego obstructs and build your“whorld this is certainly very own.

Jack Halberstam makes a trans* that is delightful away from Legos his most recent guide : “The realm of Lego is regarded as constant change, even though there’s always the chance of going back to the instruction sheet and after the step by step guidelines, the uncharted territory of creation constantly beckons.” This is really what you are doing with language: toss the instruction guide out, enter uncharted territory. (more…)