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Information for Foreigners Hitched to Indian People

Therefore, you have dropped deeply in love with A indian resident and gotten hitched in Asia on a Tourist Visa. What are the results next?

Unfortuitously, there is no spouse that is specific for India. Foreigners who will be hitched to Indian citizens are given having an X (Entry) Visa, which can be a visa that is residential. It supplies the directly to reside in Asia, not work. This particular visa can also be given to partners who will be accompanying those who hold other styles of long-lasting Indian visas, such as for example work visas.

How will you convert your Tourist Visa to an X-Visa to help you remain in Asia? The very good news is the fact that you can accomplish it without making Asia. The bad news is the fact that the procedure is quite time intensive. (more…)

This is actually the procedure:

  1. The spouse that is foreign a Visa Kunjungan abroad and gets an Izin Kunjungan delivered for a primary amount of 60 times at the slot of entry.
  2. The international spouse goes to their regional Immigration workplace, together with his Indonesian partner to use for the transformation of their Izin Kunjungan to an ITAS.
  3. The sponsor “buys” the forms that are neededIDR 10K to IDR 25K) and fills down a written need. A “Riwayat Hidup” associated with foreigner, and a bank statement showing that the few has sufficient funds to reside for example complete 12 months in Indonesia must certanly be attached.
  4. The sponsor should submit:
    - Akte Perwakinan asli (Kristen, Hindu, Buddhist) or Buku Nikah asli (Islam) or Surat Tanda Bukti Lapor Perkawinan asli (overseas wed)
    - Wife’s KTP
    - Husband’s Passport in addition to the above
  5. Often, 2 additional sets of photocopies are required for every group of papers.
  6. Imigrasi will likely then issue a document become delivered to the Kantor Wilayah. It really is a page which states that after reviewing most of the documents, no opposition is had by him for the transformation regarding the immigration status. Enable a short time to have the page finalized by the KaKanIm.
  7. After reviewing your entire papers, the Kepala Divisi Keimigrasian of this Kantor Wilayah will issue a page saying their good viewpoint concerning the modification of status regarding the international spouse. This page, along side a collection of most of the papers, must be sent or brought to Bpk Direktur Izin Tinggal dan reputation kemigrasian in the DitJen Imigrasi operating out of Jln Rasuna stated Kav 8-9 in Jakarta. (more…)