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Ty kerry for ur reply, iv completed as he cryed n begged me 2 go back 2 him but I realise now that it wud never have worked espeacialy after the baby I think I was jst vunerable at the time n was thinkn with my heart n not my head iv put my wall back up n its gona take an amazing man 2 earn my trust again n no I wudnt let any man treat me the way he did but he was so good at playn with my heart because he knew I truely loved him but thank god I’m getn there now n its ok at the min times a great healer n ty again: ) with him n yes I did think he loved me)

Be strong, reach for the stars. You deserve the best. Chin up and put that laugh straight back on your own face ?he said that his wife left him, come to find out she is still with him ? I been talkinh to turkish man at first. In which he then begin telling me hes in love eith me its only been 5 months he let me know localmilfselfies free trial to come quickly to turkey to vist for just two months in which he said I might need to purchase the air plane solution i inquired him to cover half he keep saing hes a man that wes poor i actually do like him alot just what should I really do RUN

Marryann, i do believe you might have answered your very own concern. Why could you need to get involved with an individual who is hitched rather than also separated. First you then become a mistress, would you like that? Then you’ll definitely many end that is likely breaking your heart as well as his wife’s heart. Think long and difficult about that Marry Ann and what you’re walking into. Could you do that with a person at home? All the best and i really do hope you find delight xx

30th March 2014

Hi. I have understood A turkish man past 6 months. We met on line…he is in Turkey and I am in Africa…he is doing work for a tremendously well understood company in turkey and holds an excellent job…. (more…)