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Premarital sex

Published by P.F. (Simon) Measures

Component 1: Intercourse advice

“Premarital intercourse is a concern young adults have to handle. Right right Here I answer a teenager’s concern in the Bible’s place on premarital intercourse. There is certainly clear guidance in Jesus’s term on intercourse.”

It really is no wonder then intercourse draws therefore interest that is much provides increase to a lot of concerns. The after concern arrived in for me by e-mail,

“I wish to understand where i could discover the verse in the Bible that claims sex that is premarital a sin.”

I experienced to begin my respond to the author by saying outright that it was perhaps not likely to be possible to resolve this concern in a single verse. With the full answer needed to this question about premarital sex as I explained to them, this is because a single verse won’t provide you. But, something similar to a stroll with all the Holy Spirit in Jesus’s word will. (more…)