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Authored by Mayah Centavo, Asst. Views Editor

Fourteen days ago, College lifestyle Editor, LaShawn Olgesby, composed a write-up saying “My nipples aren’t for you” to advocate for the “Free the Nipple Campaign. ” Oglesby stated that being interested in breasts implies that there is a fetish.

Fetishes are geared more towards irregular items such as for instance legs and bondage. Whom knew that simply being drawn to one thing makes you have got a fetish? Relating to Olgesby, then you have a fetish, if you like women you have a fetish, and if you like both men and women, you definitely have a fetish if you like men.

Liking something or having a fetish is, as a whole, unimportant. Equality could be the absolute goal.

A primary argument for the “Free the Nipple” movement is breasts aren’t intimate things. It is not real. Well, it isn’t entirely real. Ladies try not to see breast as being intimate. Some men do on the other hand.

Breasts, breasts, boobs or nevertheless you elect to explain it, on a female is an indicator of intimate readiness. Managing organs, intimate or otherwise not, provides females energy. We’re stripping away our womanhood. Breasts are a good way females distinguish themselves from guys.

Women’s breasts have actually developed to being additional intimate organs while the man’s breasts haven’t. Regrettably, they may not be exactly the same. It’s not fair to pretend like these are typically.

Almost all types of tradition, art, activity, and culture view breasts to be intimate organs. Sex is ingrained in every. Some find their sex to be empowering. Which means you desire to still desexualize nipples but be looked at as intimate beings? (more…)