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Director Josiane Balasko

The embodiment that is cliched of menage a trois usually includes a more youthful girl going into the relationship of the right, married few. Josiane Balasko rips aside the conceit in Gazon maudit, additionally known as French Twist, an easy and furious comedy that recalls Pedro Almodovar and Bertrand Blier (Balasko is better understood on her performance once the not likely mistress in Blier’s Trop belle pour toi). Right Here she plays a masculine lesbian who upends the wedding of a unhappy few, played by Alain Chabat and Almodovar regular Victoria Abril, seducing the spouse and stepping into the home.

Balasko’s film is a truly subversive farce, goosing the thought of governmental correctness while simultaneously providing a feminist take from the family unit that is ideal. (more…)