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You will find guidelines to each and every game, and studying kink begins with determining some basic BDSM definitions — and looking over this week’s cover story, “Kink for the Jungle, ” of course. Below is an abbreviated selection of terms that might be unknown to non-kinksters, or because they are understood, vanillas. Read these with caution, because if only a little knowledge is just a dangerous thing, then a bit more might encourage a permanent a vacation to the dark part.

Anal training: placing progressively long and/or girthy objects like butt plugs into a rectum to extend the sphincter for intercourse. Author’s note: Lube can be your friend.

Black sheet celebration: Slang term for the orgy people that are involving BDSM. Author’s note: never to be confused with a blanket party — this is the kind that is bad of.

Cell popping: a type of human anatomy modification, generally known as micro-branding, involving utilizing a red-hot needle or poker to produce a group of dots in the epidermis. Author’s note: Of course it hurts, but therefore does love.

Dragon’s end: a kind of whip with a diverse, triangular little bit of suede or leather that tapers down seriously to a place. Author’s note: therefore much ouch.

Emotional play: a form of emotional BDSM play involving humiliation, fear, pity or other elements that can cause the receiver to possess a response that is emotional. (more…)