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Congratulations, US news! You’ve simply covered very first press meeting of a authoritarian frontrunner with a massive ego and a deep disdain for the trade and whatever you hold dear. We in Russia have already been carrying it out for 12 years now — having a quick hiatus when our leader wasn’t theoretically our frontrunner — therefore quite some things during Donald Trump’s press seminar rang a bell. Not merely mine, in fact — check this out round-up that is excellent The Moscow instances.

Vladimir Putin’s yearly pressers are said to be the news occasion of the season. They truly are generally held in belated December, around Western Christmas time (we Orthodox Christians celebrate xmas a couple of weeks later on plus it’s maybe maybe not a big deal, unlike New Year’s Eve). Which probably explains why Putin’s pressers don’t get coverage that is much of Russia, except in a somewhat narrow niche of Russia-watchers. Putin’s pressers are televised real time across all Russian television stations, attended by all sorts of media — federal news agencies, little local magazines and foreign reporters situated in Moscow — as they are designed to overshadow almost every other occasion in Russia or abroad.

These specific things are very very very carefully choreographed, typically final at least four hours, and Putin constantly comes off as an omniscient and leader that is benevolent to a flock of unruly but adoring young ones. Considering the fact that Putin is most likely a job model for Trump, it is no surprise that he’s evidently taking a full page from Putin’s playbook. We have some findings to fairly share with my US peers. You’re in this for at the least another four years, and you’ll be coping with things Russian reporters have endured for nearly two decades now. I’m speaing frankly about Putin right here, but see if you’re able to use some of the below to your very own frontrunner.