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X reader that is male accept demands for headcanons and situations and brief fics, whatever actually.

He shall enter into your provided space all grumpy and frustrated, just to be able to mumble a reply to anything you’ll say to him.

Not too numerous followers of mine are into BMC seeing as I’ve unintentionally turn into a Marvel acc, but i am hoping it is possible to relish it anyhow.

You appear up from your own phone and jump from the video video video video gaming rocker no issue, lovely! It was actually nice to publish: ) Originally published by delectablymysticaldefender Severus showing affection after a tough time would consist of: you understand straight away whenever Severus has already established a difficult time. Characters: Dick Grayson X Male! Reader. Summary: You go to the burrow the very first time after having started dating the twins. Quiet. 51 Harry Potter Reader Inserts Harry Potter x Visitors. We begin crushing the snake enamel and she adds the Moonworm bloodstream. (more…)