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The future of various marriages in which the husband enjoys an intense, secret relationship with another woman in Lifeclass this week, Lesley Garner ponders.

By Lesley Garner

7:00AM BST 23 Jun 2009

Dear Lesley

We concur with the advice you gave in your line a couple of weeks ago to Derek, the person who may have a deep relationship with an other woman, about which their spouse does not understand. I realized that my better half was having this type of relationship, which changed into an event. Searching right back i really could see clues that are many but i really couldn’t gainsay their denials.

Area of the nagging issue had been that, this is why relationship, he could not assist but withdraw a number of himself, along with his help, from me personally. We frequently felt which he had been cold or selfish, but could not place my hand on why. As a result made me grumpy and short-tempered, so that it had been a circle that is vicious. I do believe it should be a person that is rare can really place all his / her power and dedication within their wedding if they’re emotionally involved in a clandestine relationship elsewhere.

The anger we felt once I found down meant that all the good times we had invested together crumbled to dirt. I must say I dread to believe just just how your reader’s spouse would feel if she ever discovers a liaison who has proceeded for such a long time. Might she never discover it. If he continues, she’s going to sooner or later discover, after which that knows exactly what will occur to their everyday lives?


Dear Pamela

Many thanks m.camversity for you also to one other visitors who possess written to share with me personally just just what it is like to function as the partner of somebody who has got created a rigorous friendship – it does not need to be a complete, sexual event – with someone for the opposing intercourse. (more…)