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Every our relationship expert, Sarah Abell, answers readers’ questions on emotional issues week.

7:00AM GMT 15 Mar 2011

In the past my companion, Sue, explained she had dropped in love with me and I also brushed her off saying, “I don’t feel exactly the same way, you’re my closest friend, I’m straight”. She is at the full time and remains in a committed relationship with kiddies. We stayed close friends within the years with periods where she would take away from our relationship however we’d return to being ok once more, at the least, we thought we did.

Sue now informs me she’s got experienced love beside me the whole time and has struggled whenever I’ve been in relationships, that have for ages been with dudes. Fast-forward to now and I also find myself in my own very first relationship with a woman and it also is with Sue’s extremely closest friend of two decades. We don’t understand why it just happened nonetheless it did and it also’s good.

She ended up being waiting in my situation to truly have the “ah ha” moment and realize I happened to be meant to be along with her.

While the only explanation she thought through the years because I would never want to be with a girl that we weren’t together was. She blames me personally for the design her relationship has been doing when it comes to previous many years and she feels that I’ve led her on for the whole time.

Sue is quite furious I do not know how to navigate the situation with me and. She wishes distance, that we have but i will be very aggravated too at having lost her relationship. She informs me she’s working on the relationship and family members now and if it gets better, we are able to be buddies as time goes by. We come together and so I see her every single day. (more…)