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He previously currently effectively battled medication addiction and I knew from unhealthy and addictive behaviors around sex as well that he was absolutely committed to freeing himself.

The issues that my husband struggled with ranged from cheating to engaging in virtual sexual relationships in online chatrooms while specific definitions of sex addiction vary within the medical and psychological communities. Us to create a relationship that is stronger than ever before as we confronted his addiction together, each challenge offered an opportunity for growth and helped.

With my better half’s help, we now speak openly about my experiences because i will be not any longer bound by the pity and isolation that we once felt. It really is my hope that by breaking the silence around such a misunderstood topic, i am going to help others find much-needed hope and recovery aswell.

I shall be grateful for your way that individuals’ve provided additionally the following classes that i have discovered from being an integral part of their recovery from intercourse addiction.

1. Intercourse addiction is more than simply a high libido.

It could be very easy to believe that an intercourse addict is merely anyone who has a extremely active libido, but intercourse addiction isn’t that simple. Unlike an individual who chooses to possess intimate experiences usually for satisfaction, the intercourse addict is less about pleasure and much more about handling individual insecurities and anxieties around close relationships. (more…)