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The cerebral narcissist feels that sex is demeaning and degrading. He seems that performing on one’s sexual drive is just an ancient and impulse that is common. The cerebral narcissist informs himself as he is with superior intellect and superior self-control that he is above all that, endowed. The narcissist that is cerebral perhaps maybe perhaps not enjoy intercourse and prefers m**********n or emotionless intercourse (such as for instance likely to prostitutes).

Interestingly, he has also bouts of intimate hyperactivity by which he usually changes intimate partners and regards them simply as things. But, the hyper-sexuality seems primarily after significant narcissistic crises. A divorce that is painful monetary chaos, plus the cerebral narcissist quickly concludes that the “old solutions” (intellectual) not any longer work.

Intercourse is convenient and a source that is fantastic of supply:

It really is instant, lovers are interchangeable, it is comprehensive (it includes all of the areas of the being that is narcissist’s, along with being extremely charged, adventurous, and enjoyable. (more…)