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Many years right right back, we started tinkering with the idea of a money-free week-end to live more frugally. It is really a fun challenge – plus one that aided us find out a amazing amount of free activities to do. To quickly recap that post, right here’s the quantity one guideline:

We’re not allowed to invest such a thing on any such thing, it doesn’t matter what. Easily put, we can’t make a run into the store to purchase meals, or put money into any type of activity. We delay trips to market, and use up what just we’ve got into the kitchen. We are able to make use of our resources, needless to say, but absolutely absolutely absolutely nothing additional such as for instance a rented online movie.

The biggest challenge, for most of us, is dodging boredom — determining enjoyable activities to do that don’t price any cash. Therefore I implemented up that post with 15 free items to do during this kind of week-end, 15 more things you can do, and 15 deeply satisfying things you can do. (more…)