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The majority of that which we speak and browse is Latin and Greek. We simply don’t understand it. Up to 80% of English Vocabulary comes from Latin and Greek. We would understand our own language better if we could recognize the Latin and Greek in English. Understanding English vocabulary through the viewpoint of Latin and roots that are greek us the main advantage of:

1. A rise in working vocabulary. 2. Better refinement within the selection of terms. 3. Better accuracy within the usage of terms. 4. Better admiration for the method terms are built. 5. Better precision in spelling. 6. Capacity to decipher this is of unknown words. 7. Preparation for the formal study of Latin and Greek grammar.

Language Bridges teaches 50 Latin Prefixes and 60 Latin Roots; 50 Greek Prefixes and 80 roots that are greek. Every one of the major Prepositions of Latin and Greek are covered. 2,000 English Vocabulary terms are analyzed.

Vocabulary Bridges requires your son or daughter to analyze the origins of English words in a record and dictionary his findings into the workbook. This encourages the practice of consulting the dictionary for accurate definitions and derivations. (more…)