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With Overseas Women’s Day using put on Sunday (March 8), the controversial subject associated with the ‘Essex woman’ label is likely to show up.

For many years, ladies in Essex have apparently been forced directly into one category.

We’ve been called promiscuous, materialistic and inexpensive.

The maximum amount of as we wish everybody to learn that us Essex girls aren’t all the same, we also want individuals to reconsider the conventional label.

Instead of immediately dismissing it, we have taken a glance at how exactly we can embrace it and make use of it to show exactly just what us ‘Essex Girls’ are really love.

1- Our company is a few of the friendliest individuals

You will definitely constantly understand when you’ve got met an Essex woman for an out night.

Everybody else we meet within the restrooms swiftly become our brand new close friends.

Most of us have been invited to a marriage or even an ongoing celebration by another Essex woman whom we now have no concept the title of, and certainly will most likely never ever see once more. (more…)