Syrian Women

Movie 1: Traditional “Vykup” of this Russian Bride

The groom and their mates are made to accomplish various kinds of ridiculous things, from sexy party (which has to impress the bride’s sweet girlfriends) to music this is certainly kitchen that is playing pots as instruments and forking down some money to cover their way to the bride’s apartment. Will he finish?

Russians are possibly maybe not allowed to consume liquor all things considered when driving, so the motorist that is shown champagne that is consuming the movie has to be sipping water or lemonade through the vine container.

The pretend traffic cop insists the groom’s vehicle have been speeding.

On arrival the groom that is russian squeezed for money by way of a “traffic cop”, claiming that their vehicle have been speeding. The cop has to always check their license to possess hitched. (wedding licenses tend not to actually take place in Russia. ) “Do you’ve got the license? ” demands the cop. “If not, you have to purchase it. ”

Only for $1500 they are able to pick the license to marry from sweet womanly traders (bridesmaids). He has got to pass through an exam if he doesn’t have the cash to purchase the permit. (more…)