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There is not lots of specifically nuanced, truthful details about the, ahem, particulars of exactly what it is like for women to possess intercourse the very first time after giving a child. And what’s offered normally hews on to a stale, overly-simplified storyline — namely, that latest moms never ever desire gender, so when they are doing, it really is awful.

But latest mothers manage, of course, make love once again, plus it seems very different to all the of these, from eek! to aaaah along with a million variants thereof. Here, females expose exactly what their particular very first intercourse that is post-childbirth was actually really like:

“we held thought, ‘A baby arrived on the scene of my snatch, and today my hubby desires to set his knob in there?!’”

The very first time after my personal very first kid had been excessively uncomfortable. We had been extremely thrilled once we got the all-clear from my personal OB six weeks postpar (more…)