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THE O.J. Simpson test is just one expression of exactly exactly how domestic physical physical violence haunts US culture. Is “Gone aided by the Wind” another? Particularly, did Rhett Butler rape or, less offensively, ravish Scarlett O’Hara?

The debate started a couple of years right back in scholastic journals together with lecture hallway between two feminist philosophers — one of these Christina Hoff Sommers, who has got since outraged many feminists along with her book “Who Stole Feminism? Just exactly How ladies Betrayed Women, ” published a year ago. The argument in her own guide — that feminism is dominated by people who look for to persuade the general public that American ladies “are maybe perhaps not the creatures that are free think our company is” — is foreshadowed within the dispute over Margaret Mitchell’s Civil War saga.

In the event you missed it, the debate has resurfaced once more. Listed below are excerpts. TOM KUNTZ

From a message provided fall that is last the American Enterprise Institute by Ms. Sommers, a co-employee teacher of philosophy at Clark University in Worcester, Mass., and reprinted in the present problem of The United states Enterprise:

Until 1989, I became a scholastic feminist in good standing. (more…)