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Seeking to make things underneath the covers a tad bit more exciting? Our resident sex and relationship expert shares her advice on the best way to get comfortable and locate more sexual satisfaction

My sex-life is ok, but pretty vanilla. My spouce and I are both timid about discussing sex together or suggesting anything that is trying. How do I tell him I want us to be wilder in bed?

It feels like you will be caught into the Girl/Nice Guy that is good trap. Numerous grownups have already been socialized and trained to downplay or outright deny their deeper selves that are sexual. Ironically, the two of you might be tigers during a company settlement, and scream with passion whenever your daughter’s team ratings, be unable to yet move that confidence and spontaneity to your sex life. You’ll both be extroverted in life, but as a result of subconscious taboos that are sexual you might be inhibited during sex. (more…)