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Ah yes, gaming scandals and bankruptcies. Why must this be a category in gambling news at the conclusion of each and every year?

Of all the gaming scandals and bankruptcy news in 2015, perhaps the story that is biggest of all of the ended up being the arrest and indictment of 14 FIFA executives, but not President Sepp Blatter.

Because, unfortunately, bankruptcies and scandals are seemingly inevitable in a world that is high-stakes fortunes are won and lost in a matter of seconds.

2015 had not been immune to news that is scandalous including a whopper involving widespread corruption at FIFA; a multi-million buck lawsuit against a star poker player whom was accused of cheating; a longtime poker magazine closing up shop; certainly one of golf’s most useful players accused of involvement in an illegal gambling ring; and an alleged insider trading instance that could alter the landscape of daily dream recreations forever.

But allow’s start at the top.

FIFA Gets Kicked

Match-fixing in soccer at the walk out occurs on a regular basis. But alleged fixing of World Cups can be an entirely different ball game.

Come early july, key officials within FIFA, professional soccer’s governing body, were rounded up by the Department of Justice (DoJ) and charged with widespread, systemic corruption. The charges included fraudulence, cash laundering, and bribery. All while FIFA’s President Sepp Blatte (more…)